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Bring your own design to life and unlock your car’s potential without compromising luxury and appearance with bespoke forged wheels.

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Why JC Custom
Forged Wheels?


Made from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, our wheels are designed for ideal strength-to-weight ratios. Excellent mechanical qualities of 6061-T6 allow us to meet strength standards while utilizing less material, resulting in the lightest and strongest engineering artwork.


We don't make aftermarket lightweight wheels just because we can. Less unsprung weight and rotating mass under your suspension means better performance in all areas, including stopping, acceleration, gas mileage, comfort, handling, and cornering on a road or track.


The strength and quality of the forge-welded 6061-T6 alloy allow for more intricate and sophisticated wheel designs than conventional wheels. Before release, our forged wheel designs undergo months of fine-tuning and revisions. They range from traditional designs influenced by racetracks to more contemporary, aggressive shapes.


What JC Custom Forged Wheels Offers

JC Custom Wheel Collection

We offer different forged wheels such as Monoblock, 2PC, and 3PC.

Bespoke Forged Wheels Service

First, we create your design according to your description. Then, we use the design to make the performance better such as weight reduction and performance strategies. Lastly, we manufacture the forged wheels using forged 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy.

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Forged Wheel Design
and Optimization

CAD Modeling

For the design of our forged wheels, we employ parametric CAD software. It allows modeling precision within 0.01mm. We may also simply evaluate and alter design aspects. Extra material can be removed from spokes and the rear of wheels to drastically reduce their mass.

Design Optimization

Our forged wheels are custom made for each vehicle application to provide optimal structural integrity. With the collected measurements, brake clearance will be verified to ensure the custom wheels are the perfect fit and up to industry standards.


Every forged wheel is tested using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to ensure that it meets JWL, SAE, and TUV safety standards. FEA can accurately forecast the performance of forged 6061-T6 aluminium alloy due to its excellent mechanical properties. This ensures our wheel designs are safe.


Forged Wheel
Experts: Who We Are

We are Bespoke Forged Wheel Manufacturers from Vancouver, BC Canada

JC Custom Forged Wheels is made up of automotive enthusiasts that saw a gap in the aftermarket forged wheels selection in Canada. With our engineers’ eye for detail and design, we firmly believe in offering only quality aftermarket wheels to car enthusiasts, and involving them in the design process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All our wheels are made of heat-treated aerospace-grade 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy to provide the best strength to weight ratio. This material allows us to create more sophisticated and luxurious designs while maintaining a higher degree of structural integrity than other wheels. With this, we create high quality, lightweight forged wheels that work with any car.

We use machine forging methods to provide maximum customization capability and ultimate precision.

Absolutely anything! PCD, centre bore, offset, finishes, and even spoke design can all be altered. Please contact us for more details.

All finishes in the finish swatch are available for almost every design. The finish swatch is available on the design collection detail page. If you are looking for a custom color or finish for your wheels, please contact us so we can discuss it!

We offer a 5-year limited warranty on structure and a 1-year warranty on finish. Please visit the Warranty section for more details.

Due to the destructive nature of standard testing methods for cast wheels (and the fact that all of our wheels are different), we utilize FEA (Finite Element Analysis). All of our wheel designs run through rigorous computer simulations and are compliant with TÜV, JWL, and VIA safety standards.

Yes. Please contact us for shipping outside Canada and the US, or for a shipping quote to your location.

By default, we design wheels to fit your car's OEM lugs/bolts. We carry forged aluminum nuts and bolts as well to complement the wheels. Let us know when you place your order.

Unfortunately, we do not supply individual parts (inner, outer, barrel, etc.) for multi-piece wheels due to the potential fitting issues. However if you need to get centres made, we can help with that!

Forged wheels require much more labour, more expensive (and more) material, and feature more specialized designs. The finishes on the wheels are all hand applied by our artisans. However, in return, you get stronger, lighter, and luxurious-looking wheels. Contact us to get started on designing your dream forged wheels today!

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